How did you meet your wife?:)


Ha! Thank you for this sweet question!

That was roughly 15 years before, I saw her in my classroom.  I had just moved to Kerala, few years before that time, and my Malayalam was very dull, which created a barrier in my social life, besides, I was very small for my age, I was dumb, and I always had a feeling that I don’t exist even in a group of five people. People used to ignore me, and that’s not their fault, I know.

So it’s quite clear at that point, that the idea of approaching a girl like my wife, who is 100 times smarter than me, was intimidating, a sure failure. So the best possible thing I did was I waited. Many years passed, many thing had changed within and outside me, and one day, when I reassured myself that the time has finally arrived, after many rehearsal in my mind, I told her my love. And that was it! Two years later, we married.